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Women & Wealth

As a financial advisor, I realized early in my career that few women have received the same encouragement and financial training that I was given and was surprised to learn how few women are truly comfortable talking about financial matters. I knew that eventually many of these women would become completely responsible for managing their money. These were smart and savvy women I am talking about but without a clearer understanding of financial matters, they could easily become prey for greedy and unethical people.

When I opened my own practice as a financial advisor, I made it my mission to help these women become more comfortable in managing their money, more engaged in the process of making investment decisions, and more confident in making financial decisions.

Most of my clients are dynamic women who are passionate about what they do, and are successful in life and their careers. They are often balancing the pressures and demands of their job and personal life, leaving little time for anything else. They want a financial advisor who understands their challenges.

With this in mind, I began hosting a series of events called Wine, Women and Wealth where smart and savvy women come together to discuss financial topics of interest. Past topics have included financial management, retirement planning, social security, and long term care planning. The purpose of these events is strictly educational - ok, and also social! - and no products are ever offered or sold. Click here to be added to my invitation list.

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